Monday, January 31, 2011

Energy Conservation video...Messaging for Kids

1: Who do you think are the target audience of this clip?
The target audience are youngsters and kids.2: What do you think are the main key messages that the clip is trying to communicate?
The main key message is to encourage the children to save energy by switching off the lights when not in use and asking their parents to change the lightbulbs to compact florescent bulbs.3: Do you think the clip is effective? Why or why not?
Yes. The clip is full of animation which will draw kids attention and the different sounds of the bulbs and energy saving items.4: How do you think the messaging/clip could be further improved?
They could state more ways to save energy in the ways of a kid other than only turning off the light like checking if the house has any commonly used places with incandescent bulbs.

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